some readers want stories, some want sermons
There are people of all politics, from the most conservative to the most radical, who only want stories that confirm their prejudices. And there are people of all politics who know art and politics can be independent. The price the first group pays is enduring simplistic art. The price the second group pays is questioning their politics. I'm much happier in the second group.

NOTE FOR LJ: Does this mean this journal is becoming active? Who knows? If I wasn't pseudonymous, I'd say my blogging will most likely stay at it's all one thing.

This is Will Shetterly's pseudonymous LJ.
Don't out me, bro.

ETA for the irony-impaired: You're actually welcome to out me all you want. I do understand how Google works, so I have no excuse if I post something publicly and it's shared publicly.

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